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What To Do If Your Teen is Pulled Over With Friends Who Have Drugs in the Car

Police Car

Your teenager is out with friends. One of them offers her a ride home. The friend is driving a little too fast and is pulled over for speeding. But what started as a simple traffic stop soon escalates. The driver

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How Can an Edible Brownie Become a Felony Drug Charge?


Marijuana possession is illegal in Collin County and throughout Texas, except for narrowly defined medical uses. While other states, such as Colorado, have moved to legalize “recreational” marijuana use, the criminal prohibition remains unchanged in Texas. This means that even

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Is Grandma a Drug Dealer?

Prescription Drugs

The term drug crime conjures the image of meeting someone in a back alley to buy marijuana or heroin. But for many Collin County residents, drug crimes involve everyday products you get at the local pharmacy. In fact, Texas prosecutors

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Drugs, Kids, and Juvenile Justice in Texas


Drug possession is one of the most common criminal charges that a Collin County teenager will face in Texas. In many cases, a teenager may run afoul of the law without realizing it. Even parents may not be fully aware

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What are the potential punishments I could receive for Possession of Marijuana (POM)?


There are several different ways to resolve a drug case and the way we handle it depends on the facts of the case. Due to various circumstances, some options may not be available to everyone. The attorneys at Rosenthal &

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How Police Investigate Drug Conspiracies


Even if you have never used, bought, or sold any illegal narcotics, you may still be a target of federal law enforcement authorities. Drug enforcement is serious business for the federal government agencies that investigate them, and they can and

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Can I Have My Drug Possession Arrest Record Sealed or Expunged?


If you have been arrested in Collin County, Texas, on drug possession or similar charges, you may be worried about the prospect of having a criminal record. Fortunately, if the arrest did not result in a conviction or formal prosecution,

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When Does a Drug Crime Become a Federal Charge in Collin County?

drug crime

There is no such thing as a minor drug crimes charge. Even possession of a small amount of marijuana can trigger the full force of the Texas and federal criminal justice systems. Yet for the average person, it may not

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The Five Most Common Illegally Used Drugs in Texas

Drug Possession Charges

The possession and distribution of illegal drugs is a common criminal offense in Texas and throughout the United States. The substances for which individuals are arrested for possessing and selling vary from state to state; some drugs are popular throughout

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Drug Possessions in McKinney, Texas

Drug Possession Charges

Drug possession is a serious crime in Texas, and it makes up a large percentage of criminal arrests. Indeed, Texas has some of the strictest laws when it comes to controlled substances and drug possession. According to a report from

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