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When you are arrested and charged with a crime, it will feel like the whole world is against you. Even your friends and family will shake their head in disappointment. As a society, we have all heard the phrase, innocent until proven guilty, but we have been conditioned to believe the opposite. In high profile crimes, the press and pundits often describe an innocent verdict as manipulation of the system rather than justice. This is contrary to Texas law.

Section 2.01. of the Texas Penal Code states:

“§ 2.01. PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. All persons are presumed to be innocent and no person may be convicted of an offense unless each element of the offense is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The fact that he has been arrested, confined, or indicted for, or otherwise charged with, the offense gives rise to no inference of guilt at his trial.”

The Law is on Your Side

After your arrest, you will think the law is against you, but according to Section 1.02., the objective of Texas criminal law is to “safeguard conduct that is without guilt from condemnation as criminal.”At Rosenthal & Wadas, we believe in providing an aggressive defense that fulfills that statute for our clients. We know the laws of Texas, especially those that protect our clients. No matter your crime, we use the law to your benefit.

Our Strategy

A seemingly insignificant piece of evidence can often be the key to an acquittal. By taking a meticulous approach to evidence gathering and analysis, we can find the flaws in the prosecution’s case against you. We also examine any strength of the evidence and look for defenses against it. You are an important part of this stage, since you have information about the evidence only you might know.

Believing in our Clients

At Rosenthal and Wadas, PLLC., we don’t want you to feel alone during this process. We do that by keeping your informed through every step of the proceedings and including you in the loop of all information regarding your case. We believe in your innocence; and will fight to protect it. It is at the heart of everything we do.