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What is a Motion to Revoke?

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If you were convicted of a crime in Texas or pled guilty to charges against you, it’s possible that a judge will grant you “community supervision.” This term is synonymous with the legal status commonly known as being on probation.

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Injury to an Elderly or Disabled Person in Texas

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Sometimes the severity of a criminal charge depends as much on who the victim is as what the defendant allegedly did. Texas takes a special interest in protecting vulnerable populations–i.e., children, the elderly, and the disabled–from criminal activity. This is

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What Is a Motion to Suppress Evidence?

Motion To Suppress Evidence

If you are charged with a crime in Collin County, such as drug possession, you have a constitutional right to confront the witnesses and evidence against you. In some circumstances, you can even request the court exclude certain evidence if

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Medicare, Medicaid and Health Care Fraud in Texas


When you hear the word “fraud,” you might think about large-scale financial scams like a Ponzi scheme. But one of the most common types of fraud in Collin County and throughout Texas involves health care providers. Every year the federal

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What if I Get Arrested in Collin County on New Year’s Eve?


If you happen to find yourself arrested in Collin County on New Year’s Eve for a DWI call our on-call attorneys at Rosenthal & Wadas. Texas law states that those who are put in jail for a crime must see

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What Can I Expect After Expungement?

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Many Collin County residents are rightly concerned about the impact that an arrest may have on their criminal record. Even if the arrest does not lead to a conviction–or a conviction is later overturned by an appeals court–the criminal case

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Holiday Gatherings and Domestic Violence


The holiday season is a great time for Collin County residents to gather with family and celebrate their blessings. But for many people, the holidays are a time of added stress and depression. In some cases, these people may take

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Drugs, Kids, and Juvenile Justice in Texas


Drug possession is one of the most common criminal charges that a Collin County teenager will face in Texas. In many cases, a teenager may run afoul of the law without realizing it. Even parents may not be fully aware

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What are the potential punishments I could receive for Possession of Marijuana (POM)?


There are several different ways to resolve a drug case and the way we handle it depends on the facts of the case. Due to various circumstances, some options may not be available to everyone. The attorneys at Rosenthal &

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Halloween Pranks Can Lead to Trouble


Halloween is a busy night for law enforcement. Teenagers and college students can easily find themselves on the wrong side of the law when a seemingly harmless prank goes too far. Toilet papering or egging: “TPing” or egging someone’s house may

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