Felony Arrests

Felony records destroy dreams, careers and lives and are the legal version of cancer.

You can realize the seriousness of a felony arrest from the amount of your bond or the treatment you received while you were being processed. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or even that you are a respected businessperson with a family that loves you, your felony charge becomes your new identity.

At Rosenthal & Wadas, we feel differently. We know that an arrest and charge don’t always add up to a conviction. Despite how you feel about it, the law is on your side. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. Our meticulous approach to your defense makes the prosecution’s ability to show you as guilty very difficult.

Fighting your conviction is our priority.

If your felony charge hasn’t dramatically altered your life enough, a felony conviction will affect your future in ways you can only imagine. A felony conviction in Collin County carries stiff fines and lengthy prison sentences. Your career, reputation, and even your relationships may not be waiting for you after you have paid your “debt” to society.

An Effective Strategy

Since any piece of evidence or minor detail could be the key to your acquittal, we use every legal means to obtain all evidence from the prosecution, police, any witnesses, and every other involved party. Our detailed approach to evidence allows us to create an effective strategy for your defense. We don’t accept conviction as an option and our defense of you reflects that.

If you have been arrested on a felony charge, you owe it to your future to give Rosenthal & Wadas a call today. As one of the largest criminal defense firms in Collin County, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to effectively fight your charge.