DWI Driving While Intoxicated

Our lawyers have handled hundreds of driving under the influence cases.

Everyone knows a DWI or drunk driving charge is bad news. If the shock and degradation of the arrest weren’t enough – the arrest is typically just the beginning.

Texas politicians and police have repeatedly promised to “get tough” on DWI arrests for as long as anyone can remember. After years and years of “getting tough” they’ve created a vice-grip resembling cruelty and not justice.

DWI charges are highly technical in nature that now include possible driver’s license suspensions, criminal charges, and even steep sur-charges to keep your driver’s license after you have been convicted.

Every lawyer in our firm is a member of the National DUI College, Inc., which demonstrates our level of seriousness and dedication to defending DWI charges. We take a team or “think-tank” approach in fighting drunk driving charges.

DWI charges are beatable despite what anyone tells you. Breath and blood results are more common now than ever and those require working knowledge of scientific principles, the ability to see their weaknesses, and the ability to teach them to a jury.

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