If You’re Suffering From Drug Addiction

Nobody plans on a drug addiction. Most people start taking drugs to solve problems such as pain, anxiety, depression, or just plain boredom. The enticement of drugs is that they work well, temporarily. Pain medication addiction usually begins as a legitimate prescription from your doctor after traumatic injury or invasive surgery. Other addictions started out as self-medication, where the drug either eased emotional pain or enhanced performance. Whatever reason you started taking drugs, the solution has become the problem.

A Bad Solution to Your Addiction

Sometimes your addiction gets so out of control; you, or people who care about you, start to think that your arrest and conviction is the surest road to recovery. This isn’t the case. The war on drugs ironically includes targeting its victims, the addicts. The system punishes you in ways that take away your future. Lengthy prison sentences and a criminal record make it difficult to return to your life even when you are sober. It also makes returning to drugs seem like a good option.

A Better Solution

At Rosenthal & Wadas, we understand the problems that people with drug addictions face. Your addiction will drive you to make poor choices ending with a drug charge for possession or possibly intent to distribute. Help is available before your life descends to this point. Before you become entangled in the legal system’s “solution” for addiction, we can direct you to qualified private providers that can help you overcome your addiction and return to your life.

If you have been arrested on a drug charge, our attorneys take every legal course to fight your charge, negotiating with the prosecution to have it reduced or even dropped. You are still protected by law. Your charge doesn’t strip you of your legal rights. You are innocent until proven guilty and we proceed from that perspective on your behalf.

If you have been arrested for a drug related offense, Rosenthal & Wadas is your best ally. Give us a call today.