Federal Drug offenses

The Feds mean business.

Federal drug laws and drug conspiracy laws are broad and sweeping and carry stiff penalties in the Federal system. Unlike state cases involving local police agencies, the FBI, DEA and ATF have virtually unlimited amounts of time, patience and resources to compile mountains of evidence against whole groups of people. Even the people on the periphery of a drug ring are facing serious consequences as if they were in the center. The Federal sentencing guidelines are unforgiving and commonly utilized by the Courts and prosecutors to assess stiff punishment.

If you get a target letter from federal authorities or you are (or have a loved one) arrested for involvement in a federal drug offense it is crucial to get an experienced lawyer immediately. While everyone arrested in a drug conspiracy is in deep trouble some who act fast have a much better chance of weathering the storm.

We have the experience in handling complex drug federal drug conspiracy cases and we know how to deal with the federal authorities.

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