Drug Trafficking & Manufacturing

Nearly everything under your kitchen sink and in your bathroom medicine cabinet can be transformed into a highly addictive narcotic. Law enforcement sees any home as a potential lab for manufacturing and distributing drugs. It’s hard to see your neighbors as drug dealers and they probably aren’t, but police are constantly on the lookout for suspicious behavior; even in your neighborhood.

Many of the laws and mandatory sentences that exist today were passed and created at the beginning of the drug war when the manufacture and distribution of drugs were carried out on a large scale only. Capturing and convicting drug lords and king pins, then putting them out of business for good was the goal of these draconian measures. Now these same Federal laws apply to individuals that make and sell blue-collar drugs such as Methamphetamine just to feed their own addiction.

Fighting Your Charge

Most people don’t know how severe the penalties are for drug trafficking and manufacturing. They erroneously believe that if it is for their own use it isn’t trafficking. However, it isn’t your intent that matters; the possession quantities set up by both Texas and the Federal government determine your intent.

If you have been arrested for any trafficking or distribution charge, it is important that an experienced attorney begin working on your defense immediately. The prosecution has a lot to prove. Finding the evidence to fight your charge will be our first priority. Any piece of evidence could hold the key to your acquittal.

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