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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer TX

Federal Criminal Cases are very different from those typically prosecuted in the Texas State District and County courts. The Federal criminal practice involves a very different set of criminal statutes, sentencing procedure and style of practice. To achieve the best possible results in any Federal criminal case, you should consult with a lawyer who regularly represents people under Federal investigation or Indictment.

Federal criminal defense requires an in depth understanding of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and the Federal Criminal Laws. Equally as important is knowledge of how the Federal Criminal Process works.

We are devoted to staying abreast of developments in Federal criminal conspiracy law, the Sentencing Guidelines, and case law that impacts Federal Criminal Practice.

In the last few months alone, we have obtained a Judgment of Acquittal for a client in a Possession of a Firearm Drug case, and the Dismissal of an Indictment in a Human Smuggling case. All cases must, of course, be judged on their own merits. For an example of the recent results we have obtained for clients please click here.

We handle a wide variety of Federal offenses in Collin County, throughout Texas, and elsewhere in the United States:

  • Federal Drug Offenses
  • Drug trafficking
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy
  • Conspiracy to Transport of Harbor Illegal Aliens
  • Money Laundering

Federal Drug Offenses

Defending Federal drug crimes will require in depth knowledge of the Federal Statutes, the United States Sentencing Guidelines and the always evolving case law in the Federal system, particularly with regard to Federal Sentencing Practice. Representing clients in the Federal criminal court system is very different than the State system. We practice Federal criminal defense of drug crimes including drug conspiracy. We are licensed in the Eastern District of Texas and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

For additional information, please see our articles on The Basics of A Federal Criminal Case and The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

If you or a loved one is under investigation, or has been arrested or indicted for a Federal Drug offense in Collin County or the surrounding counties, please contact us immediately.