New Felony Diversion Program in Collin County

Beginning this month, first-time felony offenders in Collin County now may be offered the opportunity to enter a Felony Diversion Program which would result in the underlying charges to be dismissed and eventually expunged. This is new program was developed by the Collin County District Attorney’s Office.

The entry requirements for the program have not been fully developed yet but will likely apply to candidates with nonviolent felony charges where the accused has either no previous criminal charges or minor offenses.

To be considered a candidate for this new program the offender must have an attorney. The Collin County District Attorney’s Office will refuse to submit a person facing felony criminal charges to this program without one.

If the offender is admitted to Felony Diversion Program and successfully completes the conditions their case will be dismissed. Upon dismissal of the case, one will be immediately eligible to expunge the record and have it removed from their record.

Rosenthal & Wadas would be happy to discuss your case, the benefits of a diversion program and to assist you in applying for this new Felony Diversion Program. Contact our office to set up a free confidential consult 972-369-0577 with one of our seven attorneys.

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