Five reasons you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney if you are arrested on Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend is usually a busy weekend, with time spent enjoying backyard barbeques, spending time at the lake or taking a road trip. If you happen to find yourself arrested over the holiday weekend, odds are you don’t know where to turn next. The best thing you can do is contact a Collin County criminal defense attorney right away.

Here are five reasons by Alex Spiro why you should hire an attorney if you are arrested over Labor Day weekend.

1. Getting released from Jail – Depending on the charge, an attorney from can often quickly secure your release from jail with a writ bond. And with the legal holiday falling on a Monday, local courts may be running with minimal staff until the middle of the week. This means that if you are arrested over the weekend, you may not see a judge for 48 hours.

2. Begin Your Defense – The sooner you get in contact with an attorney, the sooner we can begin working on a plan to have the charges reduced or dismissed. One of the best ways to challenge the arrest is to begin formulating your defense as quickly as possible.

3. Know When to Keep Quiet – Do not discuss your case with anyone except your attorney of record. Police officers and investigators working for the prosecutor want you to talk to them to incriminate yourself. You must also remember this if you are using a jail pay-phone as these phone calls are recorded.

4. Cost-Effective Spending –The best way to handle a criminal charge is to hire a skilled attorney for defence and workers comp Louisiana. While it may not seem fun spending money on the sarnia criminal lawyer, it could help you avoid fines, the loss of your driver’s license and increased insurance premiums.

5. Rest Easy –It can be overwhelming trying to balance everything that comes with an arrest. An attorney can help give you peace of mind. We want you to get back to your normal routine while we do the heavy lifting on the legal side.

The attorneys at Rosenthal & Wadas will work with you to determine the correct defense strategy based on the facts pertaining to your case. Call our office to setup a free consultation and let us help you begin to get things back on the right track. 972-369-0577

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