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What You Need to Know About SCRAM Devices


If you were recently arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Collin County or other parts of Texas, the judge may order you to abstain from consuming alcohol for a certain period of time. Instead of having you come in

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Arrested for DWI With a Child In the Car? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Mom Crying

If you’re pulled over on suspicion of DWI in Collin County, Texas, you need to know that who is in your vehicle with you can make a significant difference in how you are charged. The reason for this is simple:

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Don’t Let Your DWI Criminal Record be a Roadblock to Your New Year

Drunk Driving

This past legislative session (2017), Texas lawmakers from both sides of the aisle proposed legislation to help expand the opportunity to seal criminal convictions with an order of non-disclosure. The new law HB 3016 allows a person convicted of nonviolent

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Five reasons you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney if you are arrested on Labor Day Weekend

Arrested on Labor Day

Labor Day Weekend is usually a busy weekend, with time spent enjoying backyard barbeques, spending time at the lake or taking a road trip. If you happen to find yourself arrested over the holiday weekend, odds are you don’t know

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Don’t let July 4th Fireworks Cloud Your Judgement

4th of July

We are all proud to be Americans and want to celebrate the July 4th holiday. But as you celebrate, be aware that the police will be watching you as leave the firework show. If your Independence Day plans include alcohol,

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Don’t Fumble Your Future Away Just Because it’s Super Bowl Sunday


Gathering friends and family around the TV on Super Bowl Sunday is a fan favorite in America. It is one of the most widely watched national events, with millions tuning in time to watch. With the increased drinking that occurs

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What if I Get Arrested in Collin County on New Year’s Eve?


If you happen to find yourself arrested in Collin County on New Year’s Eve for a DWI call our on-call attorneys at Rosenthal & Wadas. Texas law states that those who are put in jail for a crime must see

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Avoid the Twinkling Lights of a Police Car This Holiday


During the holidays, there are more people on the road traveling to visit family and friends or attending holiday parties and gatherings. Common sense often goes out the window when alcohol is consumed. Having a clear plan before your next

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Be Prepared This Holiday Weekend

Stars on Flag

Labor Day weekend is the last hurrah for many folks to get out and camp, barbecue, swim and relax. All the things Texans love to do. Three day weekends also mean that there will be a greater police presence watching

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Understanding the Basics of SR-22 Insurance

SR-22 Insurance Form

If you live or work in Collin County, Texas, you understand the importance of being able to drive. But driving is a state-regulated privilege, not a right, and therefore there are many legal requirements that a driver has to comply

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