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What Do I Tell My Boss After an Arrest?

This is a very common question. We aren’t employment lawyers, but I think we can help. Unfortunately there isn’t a one-sized fit-all answer because every job is different. What I can say is Texas is an “at-will” state meaning in

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The Top 3 Reasons to Refuse & To Take Field Sobriety Tests

This is a really hard question with no right answer.  Instead of throwing out what I would call a “tough-guy” blog saying you should always refuse any police request 100% of the time, I’ll give you my thoughts on taking

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What’s an “Emergency”? — Interference with a 911 Call

In many cases, a heated situation may result in raised voices, household items thrown, or even an assault or other physical element.  The police may be called out, and when they are, one or more parties may be arrested.  Oftentimes,

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Upping the Ante – Collateral Consequences of a Family Violence Conviction

As we’ve discussed previously, a conviction for domestic or family violence in Texas comes with plenty of hazards with regards to the prosecution and punishment side of things. But there are a number of other consequences that can have a

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Accomplice Testimony and How it Can Impact Your Case

There’s an old adage that “with friends like that, who needs enemies?”  This is never more true that in a situation where you find yourself accused of a crime that you may have committed with your friend or other accomplice. 

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Collin County Felony Statistics for 2012

Here are the 2012 felony statistics for Collin County, Texas  issued by the Collin County District Clerk’s Office.  The District Clerks and District Courts have jurisdiction to handle felonies. Collin-County-Felony-Crime-Statistics-2012 As you can see, 3,001 new cases were indicted in

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Buzzed Driving Actually Isn’t Drunk Driving

You may notice a new ad campaign sponsored by NHTSA (the “National Highway Transportation Safety Administration”) and the ad council telling people “buzzed driving is drunk driving.” Though I’m not unsympathetic to pleas for driver discretion and safety, this is

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Turkey Trot Out of Jail This Thanksgiving — How a Writ Bond Can Help You

For most of us, Thanksgiving means spending time with family, eating too much turkey and pie, and watching some football on t.v.  But when family and friends come together, there may inevitably be some frustrations and confrontations that may lead

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Getting a Theft Arrest Off Your Record

Few things look as bad on your record as an arrest for theft. They’re statistically proven to cost you income over your lifetime, be denied professional licenses, and even suffer the humiliation of being denied the right to serve on

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Defending Yourself with Self-Defense

In many assaultive-type cases, our clients will tell us that they were only reacting to and defending themselves against someone else’s attack.  This may often be the case, but proving self-defense requires more than just throwing up your hands, like

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