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What Is an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing?

Driving While Intoxicated

It is something that happens in Collin County every day: A police officer pulls you over on suspicion of a DWI. The officer asks you to take a breath or blood test to confirm her suspicion. You refuse and are

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2017 Aspiring Attorney Scholarship Winner Announced


Rosenthal & Wadas is pleased to announce that Jayelle Lozoya is the recipient of the 2017 Aspiring Attorney Scholarship. Jayelle is a second-year law student at the South Texas College of Law. “Rosenthal & Wadas is committed to supporting the

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What Is “Probable Cause”?

Arrested teenager with handcuffs on his hands

You cannot be arrested for a crime in Collin County unless police and prosecutors have probable cause to charge you. But what exactly does “probable cause” mean? You have probably heard that phrase many times before without understanding its origin

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Rosenthal & Wadas Named Best of Business in Customer Engagement

The McKinney criminal defense firm Rosenthal & Wadas received the award for Customer Engagement by Frisco Style. The firm is featured in the October issue of the magazine as one of eight area companies recognized as the Best of Business

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Spice, K2, and Synthetic Marijuana in Texas

Synthetic Marijuana

It has long been illegal to possess or distribute marijuana in Collin County, Texas. Even possessing less than two ounces of marijuana may subject a Collin County resident to a fine of $2,000 and up to 180 days in jail.

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Four Professionals Everyone Should Have On Speed-Dial

Speed Dial - Rosenthal & Wadas

The changing to a new year is often a time to reflect and make improvements to our lives and routines. However, we will all need help with some things in the new year, and those who can help us are

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Texas Criminal Laws That Took Effect in 2015


This past summer, the 84th Texas Legislature put a number of new criminal laws on the books that took effect in September of 2015. In fact, Texas will see more than 1,200 new laws this year that may have an

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What To Do When CPS Shows Up At Your Door?


Child abuse is a serious accusation and a serious crime. However, in this day and age, child abuse accusations are sadly made more often than they should be, sometimes as weapons in a nasty divorce or custody case. Whatever the

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Criminal Appeals: Five Things to Know

Criminal appeals are complex. It would be impossible to distill the entirety of criminal appellate practice into five bullet points. On the other hand, some aspects of criminal appeals are more paramount than others–especially when it comes to determining whether

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What Happens at a Juvenile Detention Hearing?

If your child has been arrested, you have probably been informed that he or she will be having a “juvenile detention hearing.”  If your child was arrested in Collin County this hearing will probably be held at the John R

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